Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Water Fairy

When you think of water think of movement flow, the feel of silk, the movement of satin and all those many shades of Blue.

This section is about mix and match most of these looks would work great together depending on the look you are going for and your budget! The nice thing is many of these pieces could easily be reworn again and again!

Wings I am in love with these water wings all from http://eproductsales.etsy.com/

The first set is a stunning irridescent set that looks like water! These are $230.99


The second set is large pixie queen wings in a darker tone of ocean blue for $109.99


And the last set is the perfect set for dancing the night away or those who are looking for a less traditional look, these are $59.99


When you are looking for clothing to go with this look again think flowy light and feminine!

I love this dress from http://ermclothing.etsy.com/ for $19


With the pattern on this piece it creates a beautiful flowing watery feeling that would match any of the wings above.

This slightly sexy and flowy Slip Dress is another great look for a Water Nymph from http://hautecountryvintage.com/ for $26.99


Left long or shortened this is such a beautiful flowing look.

The last look is this beautiful and fun little dress that is perfect for a youthful and funky look from http://salvagelife.etsy.com/ for $42


This is another costume that just begs for pearls! In your hair, around your neck and on your wrists!

This pearl necklace from http://cheekymagpie.etsy.com/ for $7 would be beautiful in your hair or around your neck!


This is such a stunning natural piece that is straight from the Ocean! It is from http://acrylicvessel.etsy.com/ for $35


And here is a piece that is so stunning and will get you a lot of looks!
From http://octopusme.etsy.com/ for $250

image by Kat Bret

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