Friday, August 15, 2008

Up and Coming Pirate

This is for some one who is looking for a more detailed costume, that wants to re-wear this costume or individual pieces for other costumes. Even if you have a budget this look can be created from abut $50-$100. This would also be a great start for a Pirate or Renaissance Faire costume.

I think it is important in a costume like this to start with an excellent foundation piece that can be used in the future. This is why I suggest starting with a good bodice or corset.

I have a few options for you here, first is this stunning red Bodice from

This is a full bodice that is stunning in red velvet. This piece is great for your pirate costume, but could be re-worn for a slightly more upper class Renaissance Wench for faires, as a club piece or a Fairy Tale Princess.

Another option is this stunning Half Bodice from

This bodice is great for the comfort the cool look and could be reworn, for a belly dance costume, a Gypsy costume, or for a funky casual day wear piece.

Now that you have a great bodice you need a shirt! You have a few options you can check out the Vintage Section of Etsy or your local thrift store and find something great like this top from

On the shoulder or off this shirt would look fantastic with either of the bodices above, and of course you could re-wear this shirt everyday or with your Renaissance Peasant girl costume too!

This shirt is also another great idea from

This shirt is a great look with the half bodice above and again fun for a belly dance or gypsy costume.

Now you need a skirt, you can use a peasant skirt or go with a full Dance skirt like this one from

This is a piece you could rewear, as an every day piece or for a Renaissance Faire, Belly Dancing, Gypsy Costume, Witch or so much more!

One other fun thing you can add is a Dance Belt like this one from for $35

These are a great way to break up your costume and add some sexiness to your costume (cause the bodice isn't enough? haha!).

And how about something for your hair? You can ponytail it and use material for a head sash, simple Ponytails of you can use some of these hair falls. Simply ponytail or bun your hair and add them on. I love them! But that could be because I make and wear them all the time.

You can add jewelry, bloomers, boots and a sash and you are all set to rock!


Brandon said...

What a very cool blog. I love the Costume ideas. Let me know when you get to Elf archers!


Otherwise known as Jen said...

These are some great ideas to rework modern pieces into costumes!