Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fire Fairy

I am getting antsy and want to move on to other things but with only one element left I just had to finish the fairies!!!

You have seen what you can do with a slip dress, one of the amazing tie dye pieces or simple vintage dresses on etsy, this one is going to be about going a little wilder. Some of these fire fairy designs can also be crossed over into a Gothic Fairy, for a whole new take on the fairy look!

You have seen some of the amazing wings that are out their on Etsy and trust me there are so much more!

These great wings are from for $75

These are fun and slightly smaller style to make dancing easier and have a fun unusual look.

You could also do any of the black or red wings feather wings from

This first dress is a little splurge but think of all the places you could wear it, with its stunning design you would get a lot of attention with this one. From for $270

With its clean sexy look, fun flirty style and amazing color this dress is so amazing!

Or you could go with this fun look from for SOLD

Another look would be to go with a corset with a fun skirt. This corset is stunning from for $220

This is a fun and sexy look that would go great with either a simple straight skirt like this one from for $40

Or a fun and full tutu skirt like this one from for $36

These two necklaces are two ways you can go, the first is a really fun necklace that you could rewear to clubs or for belly dancing it is from SOLD

Or this more classic piece from for $48

Spike your hair, let it go wild, add hair falls, dreads, synthetic hair pieces, a crown or anything you want to create a super cool, fun, firey look.

Red Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, or red fake lashes would add an amazing touch to this costume. Check out Sephora, Ben Nye, or even your local drug store for these extra details.

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