Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hair Fall and Hair Dread How to...

I have had many people not realise just how easy it is to put in hair falls so I created a step by step "How to" over on Cut and Keep. I hope you like it and it helps show you just how easy these guys are to put in.

If you have any questions though feel free to ask!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fire Fairy

I am getting antsy and want to move on to other things but with only one element left I just had to finish the fairies!!!

You have seen what you can do with a slip dress, one of the amazing tie dye pieces or simple vintage dresses on etsy, this one is going to be about going a little wilder. Some of these fire fairy designs can also be crossed over into a Gothic Fairy, for a whole new take on the fairy look!

You have seen some of the amazing wings that are out their on Etsy and trust me there are so much more!

These great wings are from for $75

These are fun and slightly smaller style to make dancing easier and have a fun unusual look.

You could also do any of the black or red wings feather wings from

This first dress is a little splurge but think of all the places you could wear it, with its stunning design you would get a lot of attention with this one. From for $270

With its clean sexy look, fun flirty style and amazing color this dress is so amazing!

Or you could go with this fun look from for SOLD

Another look would be to go with a corset with a fun skirt. This corset is stunning from for $220

This is a fun and sexy look that would go great with either a simple straight skirt like this one from for $40

Or a fun and full tutu skirt like this one from for $36

These two necklaces are two ways you can go, the first is a really fun necklace that you could rewear to clubs or for belly dancing it is from SOLD

Or this more classic piece from for $48

Spike your hair, let it go wild, add hair falls, dreads, synthetic hair pieces, a crown or anything you want to create a super cool, fun, firey look.

Red Eyeliner, Eyeshadow, or red fake lashes would add an amazing touch to this costume. Check out Sephora, Ben Nye, or even your local drug store for these extra details.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Air Fairy

Air is traditionally associated with the color yellow, but you are not locked into that think of feathers, birds and dragonflies for other inspirations!

I want to start with these light golden wings from for $55

Any feather wings would also create a great look! I am in love with these from for $149.99

Either of these wings would look stunning with this fae outfit from for $5

I won't lie this is one of my favorite dresses I have found in my search for costume outfits. This dress is perfect for Air or Earth Fairy costumes or even work with it for the base of another costume like Pochahantas. And what a deal for $23!!!

You could also use a pretty slip dress or tie dye piece like shown in the last pieces as well.

For your hair you can go long and loose for a flowy look, wear hair falls or even some pretty feathers in your hair.

You can also had some pretty jewelry like this necklace from for $68

While its made of shells, the yellow tones and windchime look gives it a airy feel, that is perfect for this costume.

Again you can also look at the colors of things like dragonflies, going for an irridescient look instead of a yellow look. A great place for inspiration is the wings from some of the shops listed and these little dragonfly earrings from for $14

Next up is the last of the element fairies FIRE!!! I won't lie I am really looking forward to it and hope I can keep it shorter then earth, but there are so many beautiful things on Etsy its hard!

Crazy weekend!

Well between my Grandmother's Birthday, a major dance performance and a tie dye party, I have not had a chance to get to our Fire and Air fairies, but don't worry I am already picking out the next items!!

After fairies, I need to decide what to do next since the Poll had a three way tie! If you have an idea or a costume question feel free to post a comment! I want to make sure you guys have lots of ideas and time to put them together for all the events coming up in the next few months.

I hope you guys are having fun and watch for more fairies!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Water Fairy

When you think of water think of movement flow, the feel of silk, the movement of satin and all those many shades of Blue.

This section is about mix and match most of these looks would work great together depending on the look you are going for and your budget! The nice thing is many of these pieces could easily be reworn again and again!

Wings I am in love with these water wings all from

The first set is a stunning irridescent set that looks like water! These are $230.99

The second set is large pixie queen wings in a darker tone of ocean blue for $109.99

And the last set is the perfect set for dancing the night away or those who are looking for a less traditional look, these are $59.99

When you are looking for clothing to go with this look again think flowy light and feminine!

I love this dress from for $19

With the pattern on this piece it creates a beautiful flowing watery feeling that would match any of the wings above.

This slightly sexy and flowy Slip Dress is another great look for a Water Nymph from for $26.99

Left long or shortened this is such a beautiful flowing look.

The last look is this beautiful and fun little dress that is perfect for a youthful and funky look from for $42

This is another costume that just begs for pearls! In your hair, around your neck and on your wrists!

This pearl necklace from for $7 would be beautiful in your hair or around your neck!

This is such a stunning natural piece that is straight from the Ocean! It is from for $35

And here is a piece that is so stunning and will get you a lot of looks!
From for $250

image by Kat Bret

Monday, August 18, 2008

Earth Fairy

Earth Fairy-

This of course is the look of the earth, the ground, the trees and the living things. You can go two ways with this look, the first is one of Greens, leaves, the colors of spring into summer. The second would be the Earth at fall, with Autumal Colors and Fall leaves.


The Fairies are coming the Faeries are coming!!

Even before I put up the poll I knew the next project was going to be fairies. This is going to be a fun project for me because I have never actually done a fairy costume before. This is going to be based on my own vision and things I have fallen in love with before at events like the Renaissance Faires. Maybe I might have to get some of these pieces so I can wear a fairy costume in the future!

This section is going to be set up a little differently then the pirate section, instead of setting it up by price I am going to show assorted priced items in different style catagories. There is going to be the Elemental Fairies, Faire Fairies and Gothic Fairies.

I hope you find this as exciting as I do!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

For the Little Pirates

Ok, I don't plan on doing to many features on pre-made complete costumes but this one just had to be mentioned. I found this is a search and the picture alone just cracked me up! This is a self assured pirate, I would watch my candy on Halloween or you might find it plundered by this Pirate!!

This great costume comes from for $69.99

With this listing you get the vest, tutu, shirt and scarf!

If your little one is more fairy princess or a little devil, this shop has you covered there too!!!

I had to add this last costume since it sort of fits with my next theme, and because this outfit is just too darn cute!!!

This one is available for only $34.99

If you have kids you just have to check this shop out, these outfits are too cute, for halloween or for dress up, these would be great fun for the child with a huge imagination!

Friday, August 15, 2008

High Class Pirate!

This is the no holds bar, dream you save up to buy a piece at a time costume, or a great way to go if you are building a costume for many different events.

Just like in the Up and Coming Post I suggest starting with a high quality foundation piece like a corset or bodice.

The first piece is from for $140

While not period it is stunning and a total eye catcher. It adds a fun later period and very sexy look to your costume. Or you can use one of the bodices listed in the Up and Coming Wench thread, if you are looking for a more Renaissance look.

For the perfect shirt I have two great options, the first is a more period look that would also work great for Renaissance Faires, the second is a bit more fantasy, but would still be perfect for the Pirate look.

The first is a beautiful shirt from for $22

This shirt has a great flair that could also be worn for a fairy or Faire costume. On or off the shoulder its a great look!

The second shirt is from for $25

I love this funky cool shirt! This shirt would also look great with the half bodice listed in the last post.

Now with skirts you can go with something simple or something with stunning colors and designs like this piece from for $120

This skirt is stunning and adds some beautiful colors to your costume. And it has some beautiful movement to it if you decide to do a little dance around the Maypole.

Now while you have your skirt hiked up (you naughty girl you!), how about you flash a little leg and some sexy bloomers! These add a fun addition to your costume and go great with your pirate stockings!

These bloomers come from for $19.99

You can add a wide leather belt, the dance belt below or this stunning corset belt from

This belt is sexy and fun! It has a really cool look with the corset lacing and is sure to draw attention!

And lastly for your hair how about some Colored Hair Dreads from my shop for $30

You don't have to be out to sea for months to get these wild dreads. They come in many colors and add a really cool addition to your costume alone or with a simple sash like shown.

Add some amazing jewelry, some striped socks and boots and you will be the sexiest pirate at any event you attend!!

I hope you had fun with the Pirate series, a new costume will be up soon!

Up and Coming Pirate

This is for some one who is looking for a more detailed costume, that wants to re-wear this costume or individual pieces for other costumes. Even if you have a budget this look can be created from abut $50-$100. This would also be a great start for a Pirate or Renaissance Faire costume.

I think it is important in a costume like this to start with an excellent foundation piece that can be used in the future. This is why I suggest starting with a good bodice or corset.

I have a few options for you here, first is this stunning red Bodice from

This is a full bodice that is stunning in red velvet. This piece is great for your pirate costume, but could be re-worn for a slightly more upper class Renaissance Wench for faires, as a club piece or a Fairy Tale Princess.

Another option is this stunning Half Bodice from

This bodice is great for the comfort the cool look and could be reworn, for a belly dance costume, a Gypsy costume, or for a funky casual day wear piece.

Now that you have a great bodice you need a shirt! You have a few options you can check out the Vintage Section of Etsy or your local thrift store and find something great like this top from

On the shoulder or off this shirt would look fantastic with either of the bodices above, and of course you could re-wear this shirt everyday or with your Renaissance Peasant girl costume too!

This shirt is also another great idea from

This shirt is a great look with the half bodice above and again fun for a belly dance or gypsy costume.

Now you need a skirt, you can use a peasant skirt or go with a full Dance skirt like this one from

This is a piece you could rewear, as an every day piece or for a Renaissance Faire, Belly Dancing, Gypsy Costume, Witch or so much more!

One other fun thing you can add is a Dance Belt like this one from for $35

These are a great way to break up your costume and add some sexiness to your costume (cause the bodice isn't enough? haha!).

And how about something for your hair? You can ponytail it and use material for a head sash, simple Ponytails of you can use some of these hair falls. Simply ponytail or bun your hair and add them on. I love them! But that could be because I make and wear them all the time.

You can add jewelry, bloomers, boots and a sash and you are all set to rock!