Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Air Fairy

Air is traditionally associated with the color yellow, but you are not locked into that think of feathers, birds and dragonflies for other inspirations!

I want to start with these light golden wings from http://mariaelena.etsy.com/ for $55


Any feather wings would also create a great look! I am in love with these from http://eproductsale.etsy.com/ for $149.99


Either of these wings would look stunning with this fae outfit from http://ladygrungevintique.etsy.com/ for $5


I won't lie this is one of my favorite dresses I have found in my search for costume outfits. This dress is perfect for Air or Earth Fairy costumes or even work with it for the base of another costume like Pochahantas. And what a deal for $23!!!

You could also use a pretty slip dress or tie dye piece like shown in the last pieces as well.

For your hair you can go long and loose for a flowy look, wear hair falls or even some pretty feathers in your hair.

You can also had some pretty jewelry like this necklace from http://mindyg.etsy.com/ for $68


While its made of shells, the yellow tones and windchime look gives it a airy feel, that is perfect for this costume.

Again you can also look at the colors of things like dragonflies, going for an irridescient look instead of a yellow look. A great place for inspiration is the wings from some of the shops listed and these little dragonfly earrings from http://jennysjewels.etsy.com/ for $14


Next up is the last of the element fairies FIRE!!! I won't lie I am really looking forward to it and hope I can keep it shorter then earth, but there are so many beautiful things on Etsy its hard!

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