Friday, August 15, 2008

High Class Pirate!

This is the no holds bar, dream you save up to buy a piece at a time costume, or a great way to go if you are building a costume for many different events.

Just like in the Up and Coming Post I suggest starting with a high quality foundation piece like a corset or bodice.

The first piece is from for $140

While not period it is stunning and a total eye catcher. It adds a fun later period and very sexy look to your costume. Or you can use one of the bodices listed in the Up and Coming Wench thread, if you are looking for a more Renaissance look.

For the perfect shirt I have two great options, the first is a more period look that would also work great for Renaissance Faires, the second is a bit more fantasy, but would still be perfect for the Pirate look.

The first is a beautiful shirt from for $22

This shirt has a great flair that could also be worn for a fairy or Faire costume. On or off the shoulder its a great look!

The second shirt is from for $25

I love this funky cool shirt! This shirt would also look great with the half bodice listed in the last post.

Now with skirts you can go with something simple or something with stunning colors and designs like this piece from for $120

This skirt is stunning and adds some beautiful colors to your costume. And it has some beautiful movement to it if you decide to do a little dance around the Maypole.

Now while you have your skirt hiked up (you naughty girl you!), how about you flash a little leg and some sexy bloomers! These add a fun addition to your costume and go great with your pirate stockings!

These bloomers come from for $19.99

You can add a wide leather belt, the dance belt below or this stunning corset belt from

This belt is sexy and fun! It has a really cool look with the corset lacing and is sure to draw attention!

And lastly for your hair how about some Colored Hair Dreads from my shop for $30

You don't have to be out to sea for months to get these wild dreads. They come in many colors and add a really cool addition to your costume alone or with a simple sash like shown.

Add some amazing jewelry, some striped socks and boots and you will be the sexiest pirate at any event you attend!!

I hope you had fun with the Pirate series, a new costume will be up soon!


Kylie B said...

Oh wow They all look wonderful and love your idea of promoting!

tagisa said...

Great style! I love bellydance wears and the many items in your shop and on your blog.

ZENABU said...

That corset is to die for. Lovely blog and clever promotional idea.

Diaomnd Sprinkles said...

oh beautiful I am so glad to see you have a blog. I have see you on etsy and I love your work I just started blog you can check it out if you like