Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A bit about me!

I decided to do this based on a lot of simple reasons. First I love dressing up!!! Since I was a kid I was always getting into costumes, jewelry, and makeup. My grandmother was fantastic, providing us with a closet of old clothes, thrift store finds and some of the best hats. We put on plays, games and just created characters for hours in those clothes.

Halloween was huge in our family, I never had a store bought costume in my life. My Aunts' spent hours creating new costumes every year for them to wear to parties and work. And as we grew taller, the boxes of their old costumes came out in early October every year, so my Grandmother could adjust take in or mend those costumes. Every year I would pull out something new, something fun, while my sister was a tomato. She won many costume contests in that silly tomato costume, but I had some of the best costumes. Little Girl, 50's girl (with real letterman's jacket, angora sweater and heart skirt, no poodles thank you very much!), Hawaiian Girl, and so many more. My first costume to win was a Gypsy, I was very excited!

As I got older my Halloween costumes became more elaborate and less mainstream. I almost won $100 for an Ailen Sex Cat, but got beat by a guy in a dress (why do they always win??). I have been Robert Smith, The Living Dead Doll Lizzie Borden, Delirium, Pirates, Devil and again many more!

I loved costumes so much I started doing Renaissance Faires 12 years ago, I also Belly Dance and seem to donn a new costume almost every weekend for one event or another!

A few years ago I worked for Hot Topic, as Halloween came closer we were incouraged to wear costumes for a full week before Halloween. This was so much fun for me, because I got to take my costume skills and create fun and unusual costumes using individuals pieces in new ways. This became a fun challenge that I used to help customers with their own costumes. Sure I sold a lot of packaged costumes, but my bigger goal was to help people take parts to create something you would not see everyone else wearing and often times for less money.

The most exciting costumes I created were for a Playboy Playmate from 1969 and her sister to wear to the Playboy mansion. She was a classy and sexy lady and her sister was so sweet. We worked to create something that turned out to be a huge hit!!!

So the point of this is to say in my rambley way, is that I love costumes! I love hand made costumes! And I love dressing people in costumes! So this site is going to be a way to help you create fun and unusual costumes you won't see others wearing. I will have expensive costumes, elaborate costumes, cheap costumes and simple costumes, for those not sure if they want to dress up. This is not just about Halloween but about Renaissance Faires, Pirate Faires, Parties and Cons, its about costumes for all events and havin fun with them!!!

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