Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ok it's a day early but so what! I decided to show all of you what I came up with this year for my costume. I decided to be Jadis from Narnia. The costume photos come from the Disneyland Trick or Treat event from last night. I will end up wearing this costume three times this season. So far it is still clean after two wearings haha!

I came up with the idea when talking to one of my customers and the idea just stuck in my head. I love the way they costumed the characters in these movies and loved the idea of wearing all the dreads.

I was going to use a pre-made dress and use a felting technique over the base, but I was having no luck finding the right dress at the thrift stores. So I went to the fabric store and found this plushy yumminess, that while I knew was not exactly like the real fabric in the film, it gave the right effect I knew would carry over.

If I have not told you guys before, I am an "ok" seamstress and that might be pushing it. I decided to start more simply and create a tank cut top and a A-Line framed skirt. This was mostly so I did not have to work with any professional patterns (just my handy paper bag patterns). If I was a better seamstress I would have loved to have made a dress and a short sleeved top like the movie, but this is what I could sew :)

The next piece was the bridal petticoat, it added a nice bell shape the skirt really needed. The only issue is, it's time for me to get a new petticoat! I have had this for years and even wore it when I was in a Independent Film (it was the 90's all of us did it you know haha!), the thing has seen better days, but I am still happy I had it!

The cape was made from a full faux fur, flipped to create a full top and slit at the bottom. I then went back in and sewed in more pieces of the fur, to recreate her seal fur look "pelted" cape.

The crown was pure luck! I had some great plans to make my crown but was having issues finding the glass and the time to create the piece. I had seen this crown at Joann's and since it had a similar shape and it was on sale I bought it as a back up, but decided to use it in the end.

The dreads were a lot of fun. It was the first time I had ever installed the dreads directly into my hair. I only did the crown area because of the shortness of my hair at the back (I have a A line bob). I also added in four dread falls to the bag to give my hair extra fullness and tied them up in a bun similar to how she does in the movie.

I used Vapor from Urban Decay as my base eyeshadow out around my entire eye and then added a irridescent glitter I found at Sephora over the top.

Over all I am very happy with how this turned out. Yes I would have liked it a little more like it shows in the movie, but one thing you learn about costumes is people don't remember the details. If you give them a big picture that is close to what they remember they will think you look exactly like the character you are trying to recreate.

The total cost on this was from material and the crown only, everything else I already owned. I think with sales this costume was approx $20

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quick Looks for Halloween- Comic Book Characters

So time is running out to find a costume for Halloween, but you don't think you have the time or money for a great costume? Think again! This is a guide for quick ideas using pieces that can be found in your closet, the thrift store or any department store. Some of these characters are a bit more obscure, but they are still fun!

Some of you might not have read this series (but you should!), but those who have know that the Eternals change their looks in each period, leaving only a few features the same. This means you can interpret some of their costumes a little more loosely then you can other comic book characters that rarely change.

Sandman himself- Try a pair of black jeans, a Black or Gray t-shirt and if you like a pair of gloves and a cloak or a long leather jacket, and messy black hair add a moody look and you have a great Sandman.

Death- Is very popular because she is unlike any other death, with her sweet understanding disposition and goth look she is a fun character to be. To re-create her look you can do any version of gothic from the early days on. For a modern look go with a black tank top, black jeans, black hair, and lots of black eyeliner with curls at the side. The most important thing with Death though is to not forget to wear your Ankh!

Delirium- Is a mess, so think messy and a bit punk meets homeless when you recreate her look. She tends to wear fishnets in a lot of her look and is barefoot. To recreate one of her looks start with a men's suit, or just the men's pants (if you are skipping the jacket use an over sized beat up sweater), a fish net top (if you feel too exposed you can also use a man's vest over the fishnet), fishnets under the pants, and lots of colors and if you like extensions in your hair and then act a little spacey!


Much like sandman, while some looks are memorable from this series Tank Girl and friends do not have pre-set looks either.

Tank Girl- Since not everyone has their head shaved like Tank, one easy way to recreate this look if you have short hair is to gel your hair back and just keep bangs, or wear a baseball hat like she has in a few issues. Then think 90's punk alternative, mixing girlie pieces with masculine.

Or go with the new Tank Girl look in an 80's Business Suit or a girlie dress no need to slick back your hair, but no matter which look you choose don't forget to strap some guns and weapons on, have a pack of smoke and come off mean :)

More to come!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Halloween Baby and Toddler

We all love Halloween but sometimes the hardest person to dress is the littlest member of the family. They have smaller wardrobes and grow so fast, they also tend to be picky about what they will keep on. This is about rewearable, warm for those cold October nights and inexpensive.
The two looks I want to do are a Gnome and a Pirate, both start with this amazingly cute little hat from at $15 it is a great buy for a hat that your little one can wear all through the winter season.

For a lovely Gnome costume you can go two ways the easiest is starting with the hat, a pair of overalls and a bright primary colored shirt or you could use a bright blue jacket like this from it is warm and has the right look for a Traveling Gnome look!

You could belt the jacket or not and then add a dark pair of pants and you have the perfect little gnome! You can create a simple beard if you like, but really will the baby like that??? ;)

The next look is for your pirate babe! Again starting with knitschmidt's awesome hat, you need a simple shirt and some pants. This listing gets you both and they are so cute! This is from

Or if you are looking for a super cute pirate look how about Smee from Peter Pan!

Start with the stripey hat, then add this great striped shirt from

add a simple long short or pant and you will have a fun look!

The great thing is all of these pieces can be reworn until they grow right out of them!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lizzie Borden Living Dead Doll

This is another costume I created a few years back when I was working at Hot Topic. This costume came from this doll, Lizzie Borden from the Living Dead Doll series. I will say this was not my main costume of that season, but it was actually one of my favorites.

At Hot Topic (where I worked at the time) we were encouraged to dress-up for one week before Halloween so this was on of the earlier looks. It was designed to be simple and easy to wear, but dramatic at the same time. Sometimes the most fun costumes are the easiest to throw together. I have re-worn the wig many times and the only other piece I purchased for this costume cost me $3.

I started by hitting my own closet, I had a long satin skirt and a burgundy shirt that I thought would work to recreate part of her outfit. The wig I purchased for another costume that I was going to use later that season for another costume (Jessica Rabbit), it was very easy to style up into a simple bun like the doll's.

Then I hit the stores to find a simple shrug or jacket that would help to create the look of the dolls top. After some searching I found the perfect piece at a local thrift store for around $3.

This costume had a simple look with the clothes that was very easy to recreate with simple pieces like I mentioned above so I knew the make-up was going to be what would set this apart from just everyday clothing. I started with black eyeshadow creating a full circle around the entire eye. I went in and lined my eye with black eyeliner. I focused on a dark, heavy shadowed look. I then added a very dark lip.

I added a choker and grabbed my dolly and I was off with my new costume. BTW sorry about the photo it was a scan off the polaroid picture they took for our halloween costume contest, in which I was a semi-finalist in the nationwide contest.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Beginning of a Steampunk look

Ok here is a little break to show you what I have been up to costume wise! I went to a wedding reception recently with a Steampunk theme and knew I needed to come up with something quick!

I started with my most favorite of corsets my nude with black lace overlay from I love this corset!!! I have had it for many years and because of the quality it has held up to the beating I have given it. This designer makes amazing pieces, she did my wedding dress corset as well.

The shirt is a blouse I have had for years, that is off the shoulder and has a flat front, I picked it up from Torrid I think. The black skirt is a Hot Topic piece I have also had for a while.

I decided recently I needed a bustle so I found someone to make this one for me through Tribe. It turns out she also is on Etsy The bustle was created based on a authentic pattern for a Traveling Bustle. These were made of thick material instead of the hair and padding of other bustles since these were worn for traveling :)

I added a pair of my hemp/lace dreads and wool dreads to my hair and added a fantastic little hat (which will be appearing in my shop very soon!), some makeup and a few pieces of jewelry I had already and here is what I had!

This outfit only cost me the price of the new bustle (which I have already wore again!) I had all the other pieces in my closet. And while you might not have all these pieces in your own closet, this costume like the others, is about showing you how to create great looks with what you have! I also have to add, this outfit was a huge hit. I had lots of photos taken and everyone was very impressed. It was fun going to dinner in Beverly Hills first in this too haha!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Renaissance Man

First I want to apologize for the delay in this post, things have been a little crazy, and with the loss of one of my favorite Renaissance Men I have put this off longer then I should.

The Renaissance Man #1, #2 and #3 does not mean the guys have to wear tights!!!!!!! 90% of men when I mention wearing a Renaissance costume tell me "I am not wearing tights!". Yes there are some looks with tights but we are going to be focusing more on the Peasant, Pirate and your adventure type men, not the very upper class.

Men's wear of the time had a few specific pieces that wear always worn, a hat, shirt, vest or doublet, breeches (pants), long socks and boots or shoes. A man just like a woman of the time did not go about town without a hat or showing off ankle. Women of the times also liked a well turned ankle, since no one saw the flesh of the leg unless you were "involved".

We will start with a shirt, while many men picture big ruffles and flowing looks that is more of a piratey romantic look, what most men wore was much more simple and practical. This look from for $16 is the perfect start for any men's look

For a peasant class look you can use a more simple vest style Jerkin that is very comfortable even in the heat. This vest from for $45 is perfect for SCA, Pirate and Renaissance events

For a more middle class look you can add a richer doublet like this one from for $70

If you don't have the money or the time to get a real Jerkin, how about this quick fix my Ren Faire buddies learned one day that it was super hot and they needed to still wear their jerkins. Take any type of decorative net like this from Oriental Trading Company and cut a piece in a V or Rectangle. Cut a small hole for the neck (start small as the net grows and you might find it too big) and simply throw it on for a very piratey deck hand look!

Sadly right now no one is offering any men's pants on Etsy so I am going to show you this great site they have a lot of inexpensive pieces for creating many Renaissance and other period costumes.

Add a pair of long socks, pirate stripe socks add an extra fun look, some black boots or shoes and a hat and you have the perfect look for the Renaissance man!