Monday, October 20, 2008

Beginning of a Steampunk look

Ok here is a little break to show you what I have been up to costume wise! I went to a wedding reception recently with a Steampunk theme and knew I needed to come up with something quick!

I started with my most favorite of corsets my nude with black lace overlay from I love this corset!!! I have had it for many years and because of the quality it has held up to the beating I have given it. This designer makes amazing pieces, she did my wedding dress corset as well.

The shirt is a blouse I have had for years, that is off the shoulder and has a flat front, I picked it up from Torrid I think. The black skirt is a Hot Topic piece I have also had for a while.

I decided recently I needed a bustle so I found someone to make this one for me through Tribe. It turns out she also is on Etsy The bustle was created based on a authentic pattern for a Traveling Bustle. These were made of thick material instead of the hair and padding of other bustles since these were worn for traveling :)

I added a pair of my hemp/lace dreads and wool dreads to my hair and added a fantastic little hat (which will be appearing in my shop very soon!), some makeup and a few pieces of jewelry I had already and here is what I had!

This outfit only cost me the price of the new bustle (which I have already wore again!) I had all the other pieces in my closet. And while you might not have all these pieces in your own closet, this costume like the others, is about showing you how to create great looks with what you have! I also have to add, this outfit was a huge hit. I had lots of photos taken and everyone was very impressed. It was fun going to dinner in Beverly Hills first in this too haha!

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