Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quick Looks for Halloween- Comic Book Characters

So time is running out to find a costume for Halloween, but you don't think you have the time or money for a great costume? Think again! This is a guide for quick ideas using pieces that can be found in your closet, the thrift store or any department store. Some of these characters are a bit more obscure, but they are still fun!

Some of you might not have read this series (but you should!), but those who have know that the Eternals change their looks in each period, leaving only a few features the same. This means you can interpret some of their costumes a little more loosely then you can other comic book characters that rarely change.

Sandman himself- Try a pair of black jeans, a Black or Gray t-shirt and if you like a pair of gloves and a cloak or a long leather jacket, and messy black hair add a moody look and you have a great Sandman.

Death- Is very popular because she is unlike any other death, with her sweet understanding disposition and goth look she is a fun character to be. To re-create her look you can do any version of gothic from the early days on. For a modern look go with a black tank top, black jeans, black hair, and lots of black eyeliner with curls at the side. The most important thing with Death though is to not forget to wear your Ankh!

Delirium- Is a mess, so think messy and a bit punk meets homeless when you recreate her look. She tends to wear fishnets in a lot of her look and is barefoot. To recreate one of her looks start with a men's suit, or just the men's pants (if you are skipping the jacket use an over sized beat up sweater), a fish net top (if you feel too exposed you can also use a man's vest over the fishnet), fishnets under the pants, and lots of colors and if you like extensions in your hair and then act a little spacey!


Much like sandman, while some looks are memorable from this series Tank Girl and friends do not have pre-set looks either.

Tank Girl- Since not everyone has their head shaved like Tank, one easy way to recreate this look if you have short hair is to gel your hair back and just keep bangs, or wear a baseball hat like she has in a few issues. Then think 90's punk alternative, mixing girlie pieces with masculine.

Or go with the new Tank Girl look in an 80's Business Suit or a girlie dress no need to slick back your hair, but no matter which look you choose don't forget to strap some guns and weapons on, have a pack of smoke and come off mean :)

More to come!!!!

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