Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lizzie Borden Living Dead Doll

This is another costume I created a few years back when I was working at Hot Topic. This costume came from this doll, Lizzie Borden from the Living Dead Doll series. I will say this was not my main costume of that season, but it was actually one of my favorites.

At Hot Topic (where I worked at the time) we were encouraged to dress-up for one week before Halloween so this was on of the earlier looks. It was designed to be simple and easy to wear, but dramatic at the same time. Sometimes the most fun costumes are the easiest to throw together. I have re-worn the wig many times and the only other piece I purchased for this costume cost me $3.

I started by hitting my own closet, I had a long satin skirt and a burgundy shirt that I thought would work to recreate part of her outfit. The wig I purchased for another costume that I was going to use later that season for another costume (Jessica Rabbit), it was very easy to style up into a simple bun like the doll's.

Then I hit the stores to find a simple shrug or jacket that would help to create the look of the dolls top. After some searching I found the perfect piece at a local thrift store for around $3.

This costume had a simple look with the clothes that was very easy to recreate with simple pieces like I mentioned above so I knew the make-up was going to be what would set this apart from just everyday clothing. I started with black eyeshadow creating a full circle around the entire eye. I went in and lined my eye with black eyeliner. I focused on a dark, heavy shadowed look. I then added a very dark lip.

I added a choker and grabbed my dolly and I was off with my new costume. BTW sorry about the photo it was a scan off the polaroid picture they took for our halloween costume contest, in which I was a semi-finalist in the nationwide contest.

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