Friday, October 24, 2008

The Halloween Baby and Toddler

We all love Halloween but sometimes the hardest person to dress is the littlest member of the family. They have smaller wardrobes and grow so fast, they also tend to be picky about what they will keep on. This is about rewearable, warm for those cold October nights and inexpensive.
The two looks I want to do are a Gnome and a Pirate, both start with this amazingly cute little hat from at $15 it is a great buy for a hat that your little one can wear all through the winter season.

For a lovely Gnome costume you can go two ways the easiest is starting with the hat, a pair of overalls and a bright primary colored shirt or you could use a bright blue jacket like this from it is warm and has the right look for a Traveling Gnome look!

You could belt the jacket or not and then add a dark pair of pants and you have the perfect little gnome! You can create a simple beard if you like, but really will the baby like that??? ;)

The next look is for your pirate babe! Again starting with knitschmidt's awesome hat, you need a simple shirt and some pants. This listing gets you both and they are so cute! This is from

Or if you are looking for a super cute pirate look how about Smee from Peter Pan!

Start with the stripey hat, then add this great striped shirt from

add a simple long short or pant and you will have a fun look!

The great thing is all of these pieces can be reworn until they grow right out of them!

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