Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Renaissance Man

First I want to apologize for the delay in this post, things have been a little crazy, and with the loss of one of my favorite Renaissance Men I have put this off longer then I should.

The Renaissance Man #1, #2 and #3 does not mean the guys have to wear tights!!!!!!! 90% of men when I mention wearing a Renaissance costume tell me "I am not wearing tights!". Yes there are some looks with tights but we are going to be focusing more on the Peasant, Pirate and your adventure type men, not the very upper class.

Men's wear of the time had a few specific pieces that wear always worn, a hat, shirt, vest or doublet, breeches (pants), long socks and boots or shoes. A man just like a woman of the time did not go about town without a hat or showing off ankle. Women of the times also liked a well turned ankle, since no one saw the flesh of the leg unless you were "involved".

We will start with a shirt, while many men picture big ruffles and flowing looks that is more of a piratey romantic look, what most men wore was much more simple and practical. This look from for $16 is the perfect start for any men's look

For a peasant class look you can use a more simple vest style Jerkin that is very comfortable even in the heat. This vest from for $45 is perfect for SCA, Pirate and Renaissance events

For a more middle class look you can add a richer doublet like this one from for $70

If you don't have the money or the time to get a real Jerkin, how about this quick fix my Ren Faire buddies learned one day that it was super hot and they needed to still wear their jerkins. Take any type of decorative net like this from Oriental Trading Company and cut a piece in a V or Rectangle. Cut a small hole for the neck (start small as the net grows and you might find it too big) and simply throw it on for a very piratey deck hand look!

Sadly right now no one is offering any men's pants on Etsy so I am going to show you this great site they have a lot of inexpensive pieces for creating many Renaissance and other period costumes.

Add a pair of long socks, pirate stripe socks add an extra fun look, some black boots or shoes and a hat and you have the perfect look for the Renaissance man!

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