Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Your Royal Majesty

Sorry for the delay but I have been so busy being a pirate at the Ojai Pirate Faire it has been hard to take time out to get in touch with my queenly side!

This post is going to be a bit different since I will be focusing on complete costumes this time. I find that with all the pieces it can be tough to do a court costume the first time, without being able to sew or going to some one for the completed look. If you are going to look into working faire or want a more period look I suggest looking into some of the patterns from Alter Years which also includes patterns for undergarments.

The first look is from for $650

This dress is not completely period, but it is stunning and would certainly get you noticed at any event you wore it too. It is so beautiful !

It would look unbelieveable with this necklace from for $39

It's perfect with just the right look of age.

The next dress is from for $425 based on a Anne Bolyen dress

This stunning dress has a very early period look that is perfect for events where King Henry VIII is in reign. And has such a great neckline.

This dress would look stunning with this piece from for $19.50

This is a stunning piece with the classic pearl look of the period with a cabachon style jem which would have been available at the time. This piece is great for the look and its beauty.

The last look is from for $475

This dress has a very pretty look based on a Queen Elizabeth I dress so would be a great dress when this great Queen holds reign. They might mistake you for the queen in this gown! It would also make a stunning wedding gown.

This necklace and earrings have the look of pearls that were very popular in the period and would look great with this dress. It is from for $30

With these beautiful looks you are on your way to a day of being reverenced (that's bowing again from the peasants as they see you walk by) and courtly fun. The next piece will be how to dress the man in your life no matter what class you choose.


Jen said...

Very cool post! I felt like I stepped back in time!

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CAT Productions said...

Such beautiful costumes! I love your blog!

Lisa said...

Wow -- I LOVE that dress from Her Majesty!

Shibuya Baby Jewels said...

beautiful and very unusual jewellery. thanks for that...