Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pirates!!!!! My Way!

I love pirate costumes and have done this look many times in several different ways.

This is one photo from last years Halloween, I hate to say but I sort of threw it together last minute.

This Pirate costume has an unusual look, looks complicated and got me lots of attention!
The Pieces from Head to Toe;
Skull Head Band I picked up along the way

Yarn Hair Falls
Lots of costume jewelry, strands of pearls, some amber looking pieces from my Grandmother's collection and some silver chains.

What is called a Half Bodice, middle eastern bodice or corset bra.

A Renaissance Faire Peasant Shirt.
A Tribal Belly Dance Coin and Cowery Belt

A peasant skirt I found at the thrift store, I had shredded the bottom of into points and added a few coins to the bottom of.

A Full Bottom Skirt
And I think barefeet most of the Night.

Beacause I do Renaissance Faires I have these pieces already in my closet so what can you do if you don't have all these pieces, here is the different methods you can do to have this look.
The next post will be easy ways to recreate this look in any budget, or time frame!

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