Sunday, August 17, 2008

For the Little Pirates

Ok, I don't plan on doing to many features on pre-made complete costumes but this one just had to be mentioned. I found this is a search and the picture alone just cracked me up! This is a self assured pirate, I would watch my candy on Halloween or you might find it plundered by this Pirate!!

This great costume comes from for $69.99

With this listing you get the vest, tutu, shirt and scarf!

If your little one is more fairy princess or a little devil, this shop has you covered there too!!!

I had to add this last costume since it sort of fits with my next theme, and because this outfit is just too darn cute!!!

This one is available for only $34.99

If you have kids you just have to check this shop out, these outfits are too cute, for halloween or for dress up, these would be great fun for the child with a huge imagination!


ZeCe said...

Such a cute costume!!! :) I hope things are going great in your shop. You have very beautiful things to show :)

earth and sun folk said...

nice features for these sellers :)
your blog is looking great!

Kylie B said...

Oh wow they are just so sweet!

Dotty said...

Those are amazing and the photos just couldn't be better!

Thrashin' Threads said...

Hey, I checked out those links you sent me, they're great, thanks so much for your help!

nataliesmom6 said...

Love your Blog! Very cool! My daughter is the model of the Pirate and Bee! Robin C. of fairyprincesscloset on etsy who designed the awesome outfits told me about your blog! We thank you so much for the feature! Robin R.