Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ok it's a day early but so what! I decided to show all of you what I came up with this year for my costume. I decided to be Jadis from Narnia. The costume photos come from the Disneyland Trick or Treat event from last night. I will end up wearing this costume three times this season. So far it is still clean after two wearings haha!

I came up with the idea when talking to one of my customers and the idea just stuck in my head. I love the way they costumed the characters in these movies and loved the idea of wearing all the dreads.

I was going to use a pre-made dress and use a felting technique over the base, but I was having no luck finding the right dress at the thrift stores. So I went to the fabric store and found this plushy yumminess, that while I knew was not exactly like the real fabric in the film, it gave the right effect I knew would carry over.

If I have not told you guys before, I am an "ok" seamstress and that might be pushing it. I decided to start more simply and create a tank cut top and a A-Line framed skirt. This was mostly so I did not have to work with any professional patterns (just my handy paper bag patterns). If I was a better seamstress I would have loved to have made a dress and a short sleeved top like the movie, but this is what I could sew :)

The next piece was the bridal petticoat, it added a nice bell shape the skirt really needed. The only issue is, it's time for me to get a new petticoat! I have had this for years and even wore it when I was in a Independent Film (it was the 90's all of us did it you know haha!), the thing has seen better days, but I am still happy I had it!

The cape was made from a full faux fur, flipped to create a full top and slit at the bottom. I then went back in and sewed in more pieces of the fur, to recreate her seal fur look "pelted" cape.

The crown was pure luck! I had some great plans to make my crown but was having issues finding the glass and the time to create the piece. I had seen this crown at Joann's and since it had a similar shape and it was on sale I bought it as a back up, but decided to use it in the end.

The dreads were a lot of fun. It was the first time I had ever installed the dreads directly into my hair. I only did the crown area because of the shortness of my hair at the back (I have a A line bob). I also added in four dread falls to the bag to give my hair extra fullness and tied them up in a bun similar to how she does in the movie.

I used Vapor from Urban Decay as my base eyeshadow out around my entire eye and then added a irridescent glitter I found at Sephora over the top.

Over all I am very happy with how this turned out. Yes I would have liked it a little more like it shows in the movie, but one thing you learn about costumes is people don't remember the details. If you give them a big picture that is close to what they remember they will think you look exactly like the character you are trying to recreate.

The total cost on this was from material and the crown only, everything else I already owned. I think with sales this costume was approx $20

Happy Halloween!


Spooky Lane said...

What a beautiful costume!

Angelina said...

This fairy costume love my little angel alot.And I also gift this dress on her birthday.
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